Are you lost in a sea of sameness with your retail display efforts? We have been innovating novel techniques to set products apart and increase sales for years. When appliance manufacturers were confined to rooms filled with lines of white appliances, we were first to market with vignettes that promoted families of products, leading to dramatic increases in suite sales. We developed environments and store displays that put the products first in the consumers’ vision, and retailers were happy to see the results in their bottom line. Our displays can get your products in the best retail locations and deliver consistent brand messaging across all retail platforms. You can stand out and get the recognition your deserve with C Pathe on your team.

Retail Environments

  • Retail Design and Planning
  • Developing Environments & Graphics
  • CNC/CAD Precision Milling
  • Value-Engineered Processes
  • Integrated Hardware Applications
  • Schedule Driven Production
  • High Quality Fit and Finish
  • Full Program Deployment

POP Store Displays

Frustrated that your products aren’t getting the traction you expected in the real world? It has never been more important to have POP displays, interactive kiosks, and touch displays that actively promote your products in a very saturated store environment. We have extensive experience in designing displays that grab attention and get your sales numbers on the rise. Our static displays provide crucial product positioning and put the top selling points in front of customers when they are deciding what to buy.  Our interactive kiosks and touch screen displays have the ability to highlight your product features and benefits with active content that stays current and keeps your consumer informed. Active monitoring and content maintenance give you the feedback you need to make timely market decisions and keep your product in the top sales spot. Trust us to elevate your product above the noise.

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