Are you tired of receiving minimal retail display efforts from other companies? We have been innovating novel techniques to set products apart and increase sales for years. We will work with you to design, develop, and produce displays that support your brand image and convey the value of your products and services. Team up with C Pathe to guarantee your products stand out in the world of retail.

Events & Tradeshows

Are you struggling to make a strong connection with your most loyal customers? Our team can ensure that every aspect of your event is prepared and executed properly, resulting in high levels of brand recognition and loyalty for years to come. Partner with C Pathe on your next event to reap the benefits of our hands-on approach to helping you engage with your customers.

Incentives & Fulfillment

Is your current marketing program not reaching your expectations regarding your promotional incentive opportunities? C Pathe can support and increase your incentive efforts with your consumers with our fulfillment services. From program development through warehousing and distribution, C Pathe has the facilities and personnel in place to keep your program moving forward.

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