About Us

C Pathe is a name that speaks of continuing on a path of growth, service, and success.

A path links us to our past, highlighting the lessons that have formed our company and shaped our approach. A path indicates a focus, pointing us in a direction of continuous improvement and shows progress, letting us know how we have grown and opening the way ahead for unlimited possibilities. A path illuminates a purpose, a drive to partner with the brands and people that we believe in and see a place for ourselves in the journeys we each undertake to provide the best possible products, services, and practices.

The principle founders had experienced the best business relationships resulting from personal relationships. Foundations built upon common values and honest, forthright communication creating solid partnerships in pursuing excellence in our work and our clients’ growth and success.

C Pathe is a brand catalyst working with successful companies to leverage their quality products, services and brand image. Our focus on retail displays and corporate events can elevate your performance in a crowded marketplace.

We will assist you in building a broader customer base with increased loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Approach


Create innovative strategies to present your brand through Special Events, Retail Environments and other consumer and internal points of contact.


Position your product and services in ways that communicate your brand message.


Provide experiences that leave a lasting impression turning consumers into extensions of your brand.

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